Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nashville Metro Council makes one difficult decision

but fails to make another.

Kudos to Councilman Michael Craddock for opposing more taxpayer money to charities. If taxpayers want to give their money to charity they are free to do so but Metro Council is NOT free to give away taxpayer money.

Kudos also to Councilman Jim Gotto for trying to hold the Metro Council accountable for decisions to take private property from one citizen and give it to another private citizen, this is NOT the role of Government. Unfortunately, his bill failed.


That brought the Council to debate a bill last night that would have given an extra 60-thousand dollars to the four losing non-profits. Councilman Michael Craddock says the Council shouldn’t be giving any more money to non-profits after having to cut bus service during the budget cycle.

“You know all these people need to stop this whining about taxpayer money. That’s what this is. This is pork. That’s all it is.”

The Mayor’s office has said they’ll have uniform criteria across groups next year.

In other business, a bill failed that would have given Council the final say when the city wanted to use its eminent domain power. The bill arose out of a dispute on Music Row, where landowner Joy Ford is suing the city over its attempt to take her land and use it for a private development. The area in question is in a redevelopment district where the city does have the power to confiscate property.