Friday, September 26, 2008

A new taxpayer ripoff: "political discrimination"

This is so head bangingly bizarre that it almost defies description. A Cook County worker said she was stressed because of having to do the work of lazy, do-nothing political appointee hacks...and SHE WON the suit. This is the ultimate case of dealing with symptoms of a problem instead of causes.

Dealing with do-nothing political hacks made Cook County Animal Control worker Margaret Bageanis so sick with stress that her doctor still won’t let her go back to work.

On Thursday, Bageanis said she feels much better after receiving word she’ll get a $130,000 check for being a target of political discrimination.

Bageanis is one of 108 county workers set to split a $3.2 million settlement of a federal political hiring lawsuit.

"Today is a happy day. I feel vindicated," Bageanis said. "For the first day in a long time, I had the weight of [county government] off my back.

Bageanis, a 20-year employee, said she filed a complaint "about eight-inches thick" documenting years of being passed over for promotions and doing the work of lazy "political appointees." At least one patronage worker was installed under current county President Todd Stroger’s administration.