Monday, September 22, 2008

Of COURSE the bailout is unconstitutional

as detailed by so many HERE but it is so much worse than unconstitutional. It is confirmation of the LIE that has brought us to this point. The LIE is that somehow 535 people in Washington DC can make better decisions about our lives than we can make for ourselves.

What a preposterous notion. Sure there may be a individuals in Congress that share our orthodoxies enough to like them personally but we, the citizens, aren't affected by the decisions of individual Congresspersons. We are affected by their collective decisions and collectively they are:
535 people who REALLY believe they can make better decisions about OUR lives than we can make, REALLY!!

535 people who politicize every decision based on their own political interests, their political party, and major contributors.

535 people who almost never read the full text of the Laws they pass. Laws which profoundly affect every aspect of OUR lives.

535 people who consider it political suicide to admit a mistake.
As citizens, we do not abdicate our power to Congress, we DELEGATE our power. They are not "bailing out", they are misusing OUR power.