Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow...returning overpaid taxes..what a concept!

Kudos and congrats to Mr. Arnett. He actually believes these overpaid taxes are monies that belong to taxpayers and should be returned without the taxpayer having to ask...nominate this man for Clerk of the Year!!


With the discovery of more than $37,000 in overpaid business taxes, businesses around Knox County will be receiving refunds, ranging from a few dollars to more than $4,000, Foster D. Arnett Jr., Knox County clerk, said Thursday as he announced a new policy his office would implement.

Arnett, who took office as Knox County clerk Sept. 2, said the new policy is part of an effort to restore accountability in government.

“It has been the practice of some clerks in the past to keep that money unless the business owners discovered on their own, that they had overpaid their business taxes, and I am here to tell you that is flat out wrong,” Arnett said at a press conference on the Old Court House lawn Thursday.

Arnett said 779 Knox County businesses have overpaid a total of $37,139.30 in business taxes this year, and the money will be returned. Amounts ranged from just one cent to $4,539.45.