Saturday, October 25, 2008

Card carrying liberal to vote against Mass income tax

Mass voters will decide on the fate of their State Income Tax on Nov 4. A far left liberal says (below) she will vote in favor of repealing the income tax because, although she favors big government, she believes the current big Mass government is too wasteful and corrupt.

I have often wondered why so many liberals choose big government to be the weapon of choice in implementing their moral vision. Big government is inherently wasteful, inefficient, and corrupt and invites abuse of power by whoever is in power. Private foundations and other entities are so much more efficient in helping the poor.

I am a card-carrying, unrepentant, far-left goody-two shoes bleeding heart liberal. Radical, even.

Yet I plan to vote for Q1.

I am not a "small government" advocate. Nor is my aim to keep a few thousand more dollars in the taxpayers’ pockets (including mine) because "times are tough." Nor do I claim that taxpayers "know how to spend that money better than the government does." Nor do I believe we should force poor people to "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps."

My motives are the reverse. I think our government is too small for the services we need, and must be funded to do all the socially necessary things individuals, and the so-called (until recently) "free markets," cannot do. But without some big change, we won’t get the government we need, no matter how much money we put into it.