Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Source of power: Profound or utter nonsense?

It is probably a pipe dream at best or at worst an outright hoax. But what if... If it is profound we will all benefit. If it is a hoax, the investors who put up $60 mil will have to write it off as a mistake or sue for breach of contract. Its called risk and its how you deal with an uncertain world.

It’s difficult to get one’s hopes up, though. Scientific history is littered with ambitious, revolutionary theories that turned out to be groundless. But Blacklight is an interesting case. Its “hydrino” theory isn’t put forth by a single crackpot. Instead, the company employs a good handful of high-level scientists who would presumably rebel if the idea was totally false. It has also taken over $60 million in venture funding. Despite a hearty rejection by the scientific mainstream, and being ignored for years on end, its founder, Randell Mills, has plugged on. We covered the company extensively back in May, when it started saying it had a prototype 50 kilowatt reactor.