Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One less stupid, silly law in Houston


Mayor Bill White breaks this law. Thousands of innocent children could be implicated. You, dear reader, may be in violation and not even know it.

The city finally is cracking down on bicyclists' rampant disregard of the registration law — by getting rid of the law.

City officials and bike enthusiasts all seem to agree that it's a silly, outdated ordinance that is all but impossible to enforce.

The City Council could vote to strike the law from the books on Wednesday.

The law requires owners to register their two-wheelers at a local fire station for $1 and place a little license sticker on the bike.

"This is something that I think is sporadically done," said Randy Zamora, the city's chief prosecutor. "And I think the firemen have better things to do."

Why the law was passed in 1968 remains a mystery, though city officials guess it was meant to deter theft and track stolen bicycles.

That's unnecessary because bicycles have unique serial numbers, said Alessandro De-Souza, assistant manager of the Bike Barn in Rice Village.