Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Private Girls School helping start all-girl charter school

Interesting, these girls and their parents could have raised money to donate to the main public school system but they chose, instead, to help start a charter school. Sounds like Mayor Karl Dean. He also raised money to work outside the status quo public school system. Sure makes a taxpayer wonder why we are forced to pay more each year for a system that others choose not to help and in the case of the Mayor, choose not to use for their own children.


When Girls Preparatory School students learned a second all-girls school was headed for Chattanooga, they were so excited they decided to help pay for it.

So all the earnings from their annual Robin Hood fundraiser week will go to the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy — a public charter school scheduled to open in July. The $62,000 they made from last year’s fundraiser paid for an all-girls school in Pakistan through best-selling author Greg Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute.

“If we can build a school halfway around the world, why not build one right here?” asked senior Natalie Berg, Robin Hood chairwoman. “I’ve always wanted to do something big locally.”