Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rich non-farmers getting farm subsidies

And, of course, Senator Corker thinks this is outrageous BUT he will never quite find the time to follow up on the unintended consequences of Congress' past good intentions because he is too busy implementing so many of his new good intentions.

Great report by Jeremy Finley

As part of the farm bill, which was just renewed again this year, if someone owns farm land but never works an acre of it, they can get subsidies. It's how all the landowners in the city got their big chunk of the money."Farm subsidies are going to the largest, wealthiest landowners in the country," said Michelle Perez of the Environmental Working Group. “Why should they get taxpayer support when there's no farm bill equivalent for business owners? Or farm bill equivalent for dry cleaners?"Jim Bill McInteer runs a successful publishing company in Nashville and owns land in Kansas and Kentucky. He said it is fair that he receives the money.