Friday, October 31, 2008

Memphis Councilwoman arrested 3rd time in 6 mos

Fullilove has a troubled past when it comes to driving, mainly in Mississippi, where she's been arrested twice, accused of Driving Under the Influence. She was also involved in a bad crash that injured a young girl.

Her latest arrest, grew out of an application for a Tennessee driver's license dated March 25, 2008 where authorities say she lied about losing her license. Fullilove said her driver's license was 'lost', when in reality, it was taken away in DeSoto County after she refused a breathalyzer test.

Tuesday, the Tennessee Highway Patrol put out a warrant for her arrest saying in an Affidavit of Complaint, "... she understood that it is a criminal offense to knowingly submit false information on this application to receive a duplicate license."