Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey Lamar and Bob...Govt can make things worse!

REALLY. Being elected to the US Senate does not transform you into intellectual and moral supermen who possess unworldly powers...NO, you actually have more ability to royally screw up OUR lives than you do to make them better. There are NO decisions about my life and property, NONE!!, that you can make better than I can make, so ENOUGH with the egomania. It is your job to preserve my freedoms, not to usurp them.

Economist Russell Roberts tells us why Government can make the economy WORSE!!


When no one knows how the rules of the game are going to change — and they seem to change from week to week — who wants to take a risk? Who wants to borrow money? Who wants to invest? Business and consumers are hunkering down, waiting for the storm of change to pass.

The problem isn't liquidity.

It's uncertainty.

Paulson doesn't realize that his erratic attempts at creating liquidity are creating the uncertainty that makes liquidity meaningless.