Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home schoolers are a political force

Home schooling parents continue to assert themselves politically with great effect...this is one of the great untold political stories of the last 10 years. People like Kay Brooks, for example, have made a huge difference in the political landscape in Tennessee.

It is sad that parents must assert a right to control the education of their children but the lesson is clear, freedom must be defended everyday.

By the 21st century, state laws were well established and uncontested, though nearly every year state legislators or judges, especially in the most permissive states, seek to increase regulations on home-schooling families in the name of accountability. Such initiatives nearly always fail due to the astonishing grass-roots organization and political mobilization of home schoolers. The most recent challenge to home schooling arose when a California court cited a 1929 state law that ostensibly requires home tutors to be state-certified. After several months of protests and concomitant uncertainty for the 160,000 home-schooled children in the state, the court reversed the ruling to permit home schooling as a “species of private school education” and came surprisingly close to finding in the federal Constitution a right to home school.