Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kisber wants a bailout for VW bribery

This is so contorted and twisted that its hard to follow. But lets try: Matt Kisber secretly negotiated a deal with Volkswagen to give away hundreds of millions in taxpayer money. Now he wants those same taxpayers (Hey Matt, the same taxpayers who pay State taxes also pay Federal taxes) to bailout...err, themselves.


NASHVILLE — The state’s top economic recruiter says he hopes any federal stimulus package for states next year would allow Tennessee to use some of the money to help pay part of its commitments to the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

“We’ve conveyed to members of the congressional delegation that having it broad enough to cover the types of infrastructure that are required for things like VW and the other types of large projects would be very helpful,” Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber said.

Mr. Kisber said it would be “a great partnership between the federal and state governments in supporting these job-creating opportunities — which is what stimulus is all about.”

Volkswagen announced in July it would locate a $1 billion assembly plant employing 2,000 people at Enterprise South industrial park in Chattanooga. Tennessee’s incentive package for the company includes agreements to spend $229.7 million on plant-related investments, including $80 million to get the site ready for the plant, roads, upgrading and relocation of rail lines.