Monday, November 24, 2008

An Obama supporter gives good Edu-advice

Unfortunately, he doesn't mention Home schooling but otherwise he hits the nail.

Link HT: Jay P Greene

If children were their sole concern, Democrats would be the champions of school choice. They would help parents put their kids into whatever good schools are out there, including private schools. They would vastly increase the number of charter schools. They would see competition as healthy and necessary for the regular public schools, which should never be allowed to take kids and money for granted.

The Democrats also need to get serious about the downside of collective bargaining. They have long looked the other way as labor contracts impose page after page of onerous work rules -- basing teacher assignments on seniority, for example, or making it virtually impossible to dismiss anyone. These rules fundamentally shape -- and distort -- the organization of schooling. Because of them, schools are organized to promote the interests of adults, not children. This needs to change.