Monday, November 24, 2008

TN Family with 16 children, all Homeschooled and

the father is self-employed and they refuse welfare.

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They get by on Gil Bates' income from his small family business, Bates Tree Company.

They're eligible for welfare subsidies but refuse to take them. "We want to be on the giving end," said Kelly Bates.

Still, she says, "We love yard sales and thrift stores."


Here's the lineup: Zachary, 19; Michaela, 18; Erin, 17; Lawson, 16; Nathan, 15; Alyssa, 14; Tori, 12; Trace, 11; Carlin, 10; Josie, 9; Katie, 8; Jackson, 6; Warden, 5; Isaiah, 4; Addallee, 2; and 18-month-old Ellie.