Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unconstitutional Special Favors for VW

The financial incentives for Volkswagen are just the beginning. All sorts of other unconstitutional (see below) favors are promised to VW in the memorandum that I posted yesterday (Thanks to Danny Newton for wading through this monster to point out some these outrageous conditions.)

Here is an excerpt from page 22 of a memorandum of agreement. Volkswagen wants special tax breaks on all their company owned vehicles from TN and AL and GA, a promise that other car manufacturers will not be able to get the same tax breaks etc. etc.

Article XI, Section 8 of the Tennessee Constitution says in part:

No corporation shall be created or its powers increased or diminished by special laws but the General Assembly shall provide by general laws for the organization of all corporations, hereafter created, which laws may, at any time, be altered or repealed and no such alteration or repeal shall interfere with or divest rights which have become vested.