Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VW Memorandum of Agreement with State, Local

Govts and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. This is the agreement referenced in this Times Free Press article.

50 page pdf file (3 megs)

Volkswagen is getting a variety of perks, in addition to sizable state and local tax breaks and financial incentives, to build its $1 billion, 2,000-employee plant in Chattanooga, a memorandum shows.

The state is committing $2 million, for example, for marketing and public relations for VW and the project, while the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce is creating an “ambassadors program” to help integrate VW workers into the city.

VW even can rename the portion of Enterprise South industrial park where it will locate the facility, according to a memorandum of understanding between the automaker, local and state governments and the Chamber.

The more-than-50-page memorandum is a detailed list of commitments each of the parties are expected to carry out in the future.