Saturday, January 31, 2009

Calif Nurses Sued to Prevent Insulin Shots given

by anyone except a registered nurse...and a judge agrees. A Government which is supposed to serve all citizens being used to protect the monopoly of a few...and this kind of idiocy goes on all the time with all sorts of licensing laws.

Many doctors and diabetes advocates are outraged. Scores of lay people — babysitters, siblings, grandparents — regularly administer insulin, and they see no reason why trained, nonmedical school staff, like teachers or clerks, should not be allowed to help students. They fear the massive shortage of school nurses means children are not getting insulin shots in a timely manner. And they say diabetes is being used as a political tool to force school districts to hire more nurses — an unlikely scenario given the state's $42 billion budget deficit.


But several nursing associations sued to overturn the agreement, arguing that California's Nurse Practice Act states that only licensed nurses can administer insulin. In November, a judge agreed.

The California School Nurses Organization said the ruling allowed parents peace of mind knowing that only "trained and highly skilled nurses" will be administering "a dangerous medication such as insulin."