Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is ABSOLUTELY preposterous to assert that

Bob Corker or Lamar Alexander or Barack Obama or the TN Congressional delegation have the knowledge and expertise to direct how $1 Trillion of OUR property should be distributed. Even if you accept that their good intentions should trump those of citizens (which, of course, I do NOT), it is INSANITY to think they know HOW it should be done. Are they this unbelievably arrogant? Do they really believe they have the god-like moral and intellectual superiority required for such a feat? Are they so blindly driven to "do something?"

These are just people with huge egos. Other than that particular behavioral tendency, they have NO special qualifications for this task. NONE!

The abysmal failure of centrally planned economies is evidence enough to avoid this fiasco. WHY do we stride so blindly into this abyss?