Friday, January 30, 2009

NO ONE showed up for Jackson School Board meeting

meant for public input.

Who is to blame? The School Board will, of course, self-righteously wag their fingers at the parents and "the public." However, the school board will refuse to give up their power so PARENTS can make the decisions about which school their children attend. Will the school board advocate more charter schools or true school choice via tax credits or vouchers? Of course not.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean happily deny most parents the educational choices which they demand for their own children.

Parents are indifferent about a system that offers them no real power or control? Yup.


Mays said getting more community, parent involvement and interest in the schools is a challenge, but more people should make an effort to keep current of school issues.

"People need to be in attendance of not just board meetings, but committee meetings as well," Mays said. "Jackson-Madison County Schools has the potential of being tops in the state. It's just a matter of more people getting involved."