Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tax Hiking Michigan Republican get payoff

This is criminal corruption as surely as a TN Waltz was corruption.

In October 2007, Governor Granholm shoved over $3 billion in new taxes down the throats of Michiganders telling them it would solve the state’s budget crises and turn Michigan around. However, in order to pass her tax hike, she needed bipartisan support - and she found it in former republican State Representative Ed Gaffney. Well, last week the term-limited legislator finally received his thank you note from the governor – attached to a big, fat $82,000 a year appointment to the state Liquor Control Commission.

After a private meeting with Governor Granholm in 2007, former Representative Gaffney was one of only two republicans to vote for her “temporary” 12% increase in the Michigan personal income tax, which brought over $750 million into state coffers last year.