Saturday, January 31, 2009

TN Woman's account of Hudson River Ditching

Link from Seymour Herald

At that point, Ramsey said, the pilot spoke over the intercom and told the passengers to brace for impact. The man next to her told Ramsey to lean over, put her head down and hold on really tight because it would get rough.

“I held on to my seat and opened my phone to the picture of my 2-year-old grandson, Jack, in a Santa outfit and said ‘Dear God, please don’t take me today. Get me home’,” Ramsey said. “I heard a lot of other people praying. When we landed, it was wonderful.”

Ramsey said she unclipped her seat belt and noticed the man and woman in her row had already left. She said people were pushing and the walkway was packed, so she turned around, grabbed her seat cushion and climbed over two rows of seats to get to the exit, where a man let her out in front of him.

“I was on the wing,” Ramsey continued. “There was an inflatable boat, but it was twisted. I slid into the water and it was waist-high, and a man grabbed me, pulled me back up and said ‘I won’t let you fall.’ I called my husband on my cell phone and told him what happened and that I was OK.”

Ramsey said the water was scary at that point, because she was cold from sliding in earlier and couldn’t feel her legs. She held on to the pants waist of the man in front of her and they baby-stepped to the end of the wing so they could get on an approaching ferry.

As the boat came toward them, Ramsey said, she feared it would knock them off the wing. The man pulled her to him so she wouldn’t fall off, and Ramsey reached up and grabbed a net hanging from the boat, climbing up with her arms because she couldn’t fit her shoes into the net.

Finally, she stuck her shoes in the holes, but they got stuck and she had to leave them there. Ramsey said a lady in the water grabbed her leg and almost made her lose her grip on the net, but she felt two hands push her up from behind while someone grabbed her from above and pulled her into the boat.