Friday, January 23, 2009

WOW!! New AZ Gov: a REAL Freedom Fighter


She used the term "free" or "freedom" 17 times in the 14-minute speech.

To Brewer, that freedom means low taxes, less government regulation, more school choice and the ability to attend college "at a cost that will not leave (students) in a crushing debt."

She mocked President Barack Obama's major economic-stimulus plan, saying, "My transition team and I are not sitting idle while the new government in Washington plans another trillion dollars in deficit spending." She said her aim in Arizona will be to "call forth the creativity, determination and entrepreneurial spirit that made these United States the most prosperous great power in the history of the world."

Brewer's address was well-received by a mostly conservative crowd. Her observation that "government is going to get smaller" drew some of the day's biggest applause.