Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ky Politics Blogger don't cotton to no lawsuit threats


Total bullshit. EVERYTHING we have printed is based in fact (in addition to offering our opinion on occasion, which is clearly discernible by any regular reader of the site) and have dozens of emails, open records requests and notes to back everything up. Funny how Miss Jill Hall Rose couldn’t bring herself to elaborate by telling us which statements are “false and misleading.”

Demanding that we “CEASE AND DESIST” writing about Jordan Palmer/Brian Day and the Kentucky Equality Federation? Not going to happen. We have something called the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press here in the United States of America. We should sue these nuts for having the audacity to threaten us with a lawsuit over our free speech rights– which are protected by law.

And, really, claiming that we’ve slandered Palmer/Day and the KEF after all the horse shit the guy has said about US in the comments on THIS VERY WEBSITE? HAHAHA! They’d be laughed out of court. What a crock.