Sunday, March 29, 2009

uh, oh...Commissioner Farr to the border, again

Just when we thought it was safe to cross the TN State line without having cars stopped and searched by the Department of Revenue for illicit cigarettes, Commissioner Farr says "he will be baaack" if TN citizens are allowed to buy wine out of State.

"It would put us back in the posture of having to observe whether Tennessee licensed vehicles were going over there and paying their tax before bringing their wine over the border," Farr said.


Under Overbey's bill, Tennesseans could bring home wine purchased from out-of-state wineries that acquire a $450 Tennessee winery license.

The proposal to allow the personal transportation of wine into Tennessee is projected to raise less than $150,000 in new revenues. That's because Tennesseans would have to volunteer to winery operators in other states that they want to pay the Tennessee levies, Farr said.

"It's very conceivable the customer wouldn't say: 'I'm transporting this into Tennessee and charge me Tennessee sales tax and excise tax,"' he said.