Thursday, April 30, 2009

Donna says her PNV is AOK, point well taken

Rep. Rowland says too much time is used during the session for consent calendars and personal orders. I agree.

“While I generally agree with the congratulatory text of resolutions, I do not agree that taxpayer dollars should be used for these items,” she said. “ ‘present not voting’ shows my dissatisfaction with the time and resources used.”

Rowland’s announcement comes on the heels of recent media reports from the Associated Press that the legislature has spent one out of every five minutes on the floor of the Tennessee House this year honoring and congratulating constituents or greeting visitors. In other words, out of about 37 hours spent in session on the House floor, nearly 8 hours were devoted to “personal orders,” in which House members formally present congratulatory and memorializing resolutions.

“This is also a great cost to the taxpayers, because for every day we are in Nashville, in session, we are given a per diem, and other administrative costs accrue as well,” pointed out Representative Rowland. “I was elected to the State House of Representatives to conduct state business as it relates to my constituents: actions that have a positive effect on our future, that correct injustices, etc. and that’s what I intend to do,” she concluded.