Thursday, April 23, 2009

Survey of Federal Workers on TeaParty

Very interesting survey from Most federal employees did not attend but 63% of the respondents say the Teaparties were "significant political events"

As you can see from the summary, most people did not attend (many readers commented they would have gone but were at work) and most (63%) think the impact is the events will be significant.

We also received about 400 comments (in addition to those posted with the original article on the survey). Most comments seemed supportive of the tea parties for a variety of reasons ranging from higher taxes, a government that is putting the nation in debt for generations, and increasing socialism in American society.

Those opposed to the tea parties referred to those attending the tea parties as right wing extremists, racists, whiners, and Republicans unhappy over losing the election.

Here are a few examples from the comments sent in by readers.

An electrician from DOD in California wrote: "The Politicians need to stop spending our grandchildrens money and balance the budget."

A letter carrier from Texas had this comment: "If we do not get CAREER Politicians out of Washington. This Country is doomed. Politics was never designed to be a life long job. We have term limits for the President why not Congress?? If not then I think every person in America should think seriously about going on Welfare because that is where we are headed."