Thursday, April 02, 2009

Univ of DC graduates 8% of their Education majors

Very few of the UDC students who are education majors, pass the certiification exam. Most come from the DC public school system. And Barack Obama wants to bar these same DC public school students from attending the excellent private school that he demands for his own children.

In the early childhood education major, typically four to six of the approximately 150 students graduate each year.

Although the statistics include students who transfer to other majors or schools, "that's an extraordinarily low number. . . . It's scary," said UDC President Allen L. Sessoms, who hopes to eliminate the program. "The students who do graduate are excellent. The trouble is, hardly anyone graduates."


Administrators say they are trying to break the cycle of training teachers who lack basic skills because they are products of D.C.'s schools, then return to teach in those schools if they manage to graduate.