Monday, April 27, 2009

Zach Wamp wants to spend 6 times more than Obama

on the high speed rail boondoggle. Zach Wamp personifies the problem with the Republican Party for many teapartiers.  Zach may well be sincere about this particular project but his unwillingness to limit spending for his own pet projects pretty much destroys his credibility and effectiveness on limiting growth in the total federal budget. The deficit this year will be almost $2 trillion and yet Zach Wamp is willing to vote for 6 times more than Obama proposed on this project alone.

We will NEVER EVER control federal spending with Republicans like Zach Wamp. 

Most Republicans say the Obama administration’s $787 billion stimulus package went too far. But GOP lawmakers backing a bullet train between Atlanta and Chattanooga said the White House didn’t go far enough in its high-speed rail initiative in the stimulus plan.

U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Chattanooga, suggested that the high-speed rail initiative should have included $50 billion, rather than $8 billion, to really encourage the next generation of trains.

“We need to throw the ball deep,” Rep. Wamp said.

State Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, chairman of the Georgia Senate Transportation Committee, said he was “disappointed” in the White House plan and called the initiative “incomplete.”

A proposed route between Atlanta and Chattanooga considered for a magnetic levitation train was not included in the Obama administration plans.