Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Mid-Tenn Mass Transit Boondoggle

The Music City Star , our first attempt at Middle Tennessee mass transit, is a complete disaster. Now, the mass transit pushers want us to "invest" in another boondoggle, a train from Clarksville to Nashville. But, they assure us, only those who are "better at raising money" will receive the benfits of this gem. I volunteer NOT to pay a dime.

Transit planners say one of those cities could become the second link in Nashville's rail transit network. But which corridor is built first could depend on which community is better at raising money.

State lawmakers took a step last week toward allowing local leaders to do that. They passed a bill — now awaiting the governor's signature — that would allow local governments to, through ordinance or referendum, set up a funding source dedicated to public transportation projects.

It also would give regional transportation authorities in the state the power to borrow money by issuing bonds.

"To become a world-class city you have to have ability to move masses of people," said Greg Atkins, executive director of the Tennessee Public Transportation Association.