Monday, May 25, 2009

But they had such great good intentions for our tax money

Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes when you think about all the great good intentions that Phil Bredesen has for all of us unwashed...err, citizen types. He lies awake at night thinking how his intellectual and moral superiority can be put to use to help us all...the man is a saint!!

Remember the great Switchgrass biofuel intiative from last year that was going to put Tennessee on the map. Stacey Campfield has an update for us....its going nowhere FAST.

The great $62 million solar plant that Phil wants for us this year will meet the same fate but it won't stop Phil.

It is funny how people run into each other. I was at a cookout my uncle had at a state park yesterday. One of the other guests worked for the higher ups at UT's Agriculture department. Curious, I asked how the switchgrass refinery was coming. They shot back a "Don't you know?" look and said it was not going to be much of a refinery after all. It has been scaled back to more of a research facility for switchgrass and not much actual production of fuel would ever come to pass. More testing is needed. Lots of research still to go.