Monday, May 11, 2009

Haley Barbour vetoed Eminent Domain Reform for THIS?

Haley Barbour vetoed Eminent Domain reform because, as he explicitly stated, it would hamper his ability to TAKE PRIVATE PROPERTY from Citizens so he could give it to large multinational corporations via corporate welfare and REPUBLICANS wonder why they are losing elections???

Barack Obama has just used MY Government and YOURS to take billions of auto company equity and turn it over to a favored Democratic special interest group, the unions and they wonder why thousands of Teapartiers protest Obama???

What the hell is going on???? 

But none of that mattered to Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, who promptly vetoed the bill, claiming it would cripple his ability to lure large corporations into the state. As Barbour, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, admitted in his veto statement, had he not promised Toyota that he would use eminent domain to secure a piece of contested land for its Blue Springs facility, "Toyota would have broken off negotiations with us and chosen one of the other states competing with us for the project."

That sob story may be true, but it still does nothing to justify the state's forcible seizure of private property for the benefit a rich and powerful corporation. Toyota won't be building bridges or roads or waterways or any other legitimate public project that might permit the use (or threat) of eminent domain. It wants to build a plant to manufacture cars and then sell them for a profit. That's not a legitimate public use. If Toyota—or any other corporation—wants a particular piece of land, it should either pony up the market price or find somewhere else to settle. By the same token, if Barbour wants to attract business to his state, he might try pushing for lower corporate taxes or for any number of other pro-business enticements that don't involve stripping citizens of their fundamental rights.