Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Religious Affiliation of State Legislators


Here are some interesting trivia from the data:

  • Southern state legislators were much more likely to report their religious affiliation in their biographies.  The states in which 80 percent or more of state legislators specified their religion are Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama and West Virginia.  The states with the least reporting of religious affiliations were in the West. Less than 40 percent of legislators in Oregon, California Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada and Washington revealed their religion.
  • Massachusetts had the highest percentage of Catholics (36 percent) but Pennsylvania had the largest number (78).  New York, Illinois and New Hampshire also had 50 or more Catholic legislators.
  • There were more than 10 Jewish legislators only in New York (24), Florida (17) and Maryland (13).
  • Mormon legislators were concentrated in Utah (27), Idaho (24) and Wyoming (11).
  • Three legislators reported that they are Buddhist, three Muslim, and two Hindu.