Thursday, May 14, 2009

Visible Vote for iPhone: Mob voting


Here's how the app works:

After downloading Visible Vote, the app will ask you to enter your e-mail address, state and zip code (no GPS support in version 1.0, apparently). It will then retrieve your local Senators and Representatives and a list of issues they've voted on recently.

For each issue - everything from taxing AIG bonuses to alternative energy incentives - the app provides more detail and then asks for YOUR vote - Yes, No, or Don't Care.

It then takes your stance and compares it to the members of Congress - showing you how much their votes match with your interests.

Don't like the results? Wanna praise your favorite politician for sticking to his or her guns? The app lets you write them directly, with a simple interface that allows you to e-mail any combination of your Senators or Representatives - from one at a time to all at once.

The app also promises to provide elected officials with weekly reports on how users are voting - and to send users an overview of the candidates when the next election rolls around.