Friday, June 12, 2009

Stimulus Money Paves a road...before tearing it up

Trucks laden with a century’s worth of hazardous waste and debris would use 96, among other routes, to haul the material away. The newly resurfaced road could suffer.
“I am sure you can see the irony,” Roberts said in the letter. “Using stimulus funding to pave this road twice is clearly not in the best interest of American taxpayers, and it does not pass the Kansas common sense test.”

Federal, state and local officials have discussed the issue and are moving ahead anyway, despite possible problems down the road.
EPA spokesman Chris Whitley conceded that the timing of the projects “looks less than graceful.”

“Some might refer to this as the left hand and right hand not knowing what each other is doing,” he said. “In fact, both hands know what the other is doing. If there are repairs that will need to be made because of excessive use of the road, it will get done.”