Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bart Gordon strikes a Deal

That's Bart in the center of the picture, having struck a deal where the Government will come to be in complete control of our healthcare choices. Thanks Bart, not sure who you are working for but it sure as hell isn't your constituents.


The most important part of today’s deal isn’t about the substance of the bill, it’s about timing. In exchange for dropping some of their objections, the Blue Dogs have won a guarantee from Democratic leaders that they won’t bypass their committee and rush the bill to the House floor for a vote before leaving for recess on Friday. Beyond their policy disagreements, one of reasons the Blue Dogs have been so reluctant to move forward wit the health care bill is that they don’t want to have to place a tough vote on a public option if the Senate is just going to scrap it eventually. Under today’s agreement, both the House and Senate will go into the August recess with their health care bills fully out of committee and ready for floor action.