Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Call out the Govt Funeral Police. "the People" are

trying to have funerals in their own homes.

Call the local health police to stop this horribly unsanitary practice
Call the Funeral Home Lobbyists to bribe their Congressmen to criminalize the grieving family
Call the Coffin Makers Union to throw up a picket line

Instead, Mr. Roe’s children, like a growing number of people nationwide, decided to care for their father in death as they had in the last months of his life. They washed Mr. Roe’s body, dressed him in his favorite Harrods tweed jacket and red Brooks Brothers tie and laid him on a bed so family members could privately say their last goodbyes.

The next day, Mr. Roe was placed in a pine coffin made by his son, along with a tuft of wool from the sheep he once kept. He was buried on his farm in a grove off a walking path he traversed each day.

“It just seemed like the natural, loving way to do things,” said Jennifer Roe-Ward, Mr. Roe’s granddaughter. “It let him have his dignity.”