Friday, July 10, 2009

Chambers of Commerce=Tax Ladies of the evening

Chambers of Commerce, especially in large cities, have become the number one cheerleader for bigger government and higher taxes. They will do anything for higher taxes because they have become one of the biggest recipients of tax dollars. What do they do with the money?


• Records produced by the Chamber indicate/show the use of hotel tax funds for items that are not provided for in the contract. An example is the purchasing of gifts using hotel tax funds for items to be distributed at a Chamber of Commerce banquet and/or dinner.

• Records produced by the Chamber also show and indicate that the Chamber has incorrectly identified and overstated the percentages of administrative costs and salaries that the hotel tax may be applied to.

• Records produced show improper use of hotel tax funds to purchase advertisements of various events that have no relation to the authorized purposes of Section III of the contract.

• Failure of the Chamber to maintain complete and accurate financial records of each expenditure of hotel tax funds and to timely and promptly produce Chamber records when requested by the city.