Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fed Employees Less Likely to Buy from GM/Chrysler

If THEY are less likely to buy GM and Chrysler cars maybe the rest of us should think twice?


Most of our readers work for the federal government or are retired from the federal government so they are often closer to the political process than most Americans.

Readers think that the future decisions made by the company will reflect the administration's political agenda. 69.4% say that future company decisions will reflect a political agenda; 16% say that decisions made by GM and Chrysler will not reflect a political agenda; and 14.7% are undecided.

Government Ownership and Purchasing Your Next Car

It is the response to the second question that may indicate problems for the American automobile industry. In response to the question: " General Motors and Chrysler will have significant government ownership in the near future. Will this change influence your selection when you buy your next new car?" 47.65% said they would not consider buying a GM or Chrysler car. 5.6% say they are more likely to buy a GM or Chrysler and 37.2% are undecided.