Friday, July 31, 2009

John Tanner says constituents are DUMB as rocks

John Tanner just doesn't understand WHY!!! his constituents don't appreciate all his good intentions to make their healthcare decisions for them. Ole John clearly believes his hillbilly constituents simply don't have the gray matter to understand all the complicated goins on in our nation's Capital.

"The Blue Dog mentality is best described from my standpoint as, on economic and finance, center right, and on social issues, center left,” says Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.), a Blue Dog veteran of more than 20 years of battles in the House. “It’s harder to communicate maybe than in a more compact district, but I think in a Southern rural district, there is a certain level of trust, I guess, if people feel like they know you.”

He said the message has been lost that Democrats want to lower both the costs for the government and the “premiums for people who are buying insurance now.”

“People think this bill will do something to them rather than for them. People call the office and say I don’t want a government-run program, I like Medicare just the way it is. And you have to explain: Medicare is a government program.

“Change is hard, and this is big change that is being talked about, so you naturally have people who are uneasy and nervous.”