Friday, July 24, 2009

Now, comes the "compromise" phase of

Healthcare Reform and, true to the sausage factory, we (meaning everyone, no matter what side of the debate you happen to perch) will get a half-assed compromise that will be what NOBODY wants.

The Republicans have been pulling out the "you will hurt seniors" card by suggesting that Medicare will be hurt by the Dems plan. So the Dems are buckling like Republicans when you call them uncharitable, i.e., like a deck of cards.

I got news for you, Medicare is already a train wreck.

If this healthcare reform monster passes in ANY form, it will be a bloody disaster.

The Legislative process, at any level, is the absolute worst way to make fine grained decisions. These decisions should be made by individual CITIZENS, not a bunch of grandstanding politicians and power hungry bureaucrats who are being egged on by a bunch of greedy lobbyists. How has the Federal Govenment gotten this far out of our control??