Monday, August 17, 2009

Congress simply will NOT cut spending, they are

incapable of making the decisions. Republicans were no better than Democrats are now. Obama very timidly, and probably disingenuously, requested cuts in 48 programs. Congress agreed to 11 and very probably none of those will actually be implemented. If federal spending cuts are ever made, they will have to be forced somehow by the citizens.

House and Senate appropriators plan to ax 11 of the 48 discretionary, nonmilitary programs targeted for termination earlier this year by President Obama, according to an analysis of fiscal 2010 budget documents and appropriations bills.

Appropriators' relatively low degree of compliance with Obama's requests, which amounts to ending about 23 percent of the programs he sought to kill, highlights the tension between the president's desire to cut federal spending and Congress' penchant to consistently fund programs they deem a priority.