Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nashville, TN Recess Rally in front of Cooper's Office

Great success, thanks to everyone for coming and all the creative chants. Congrats to Stacie Burke, James Bowman and Natasha Hampton of for a great event.

We had advertised our rally to start in front of Congressman Jim Cooper's office at 12:30. When we showed up, having driven from the Franklin rally, 100 or so Pro-Obamacare demonstrators had already taken the area in front of Cooper's office so we assembled on an adjacent corner. Had a great time exchanging chants with the Obamacare people.

At one point James noticed that, while there were quite a few flags in our crowd, there were no flags being carried by the pro Obamacare so some of our folks started chanting "where is your flag."

Eventually they showed us this banner which was a mosaic of union logos and Obama pictures.