Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama will find a way to hike taxes, just give him time

The transparent silliness continues. Obama now says NO he will NOT raise taxes, darn it!!

After all those advisors and czars and deputy commissioner boy scouts pushed those trial ballons toward the nearest reporter and had them shot down like so many dead pigeons, he decided he would honor that darned ole campaign pledge.

Don't believe it for a minute, nay a second. Obama will raise taxes and and he will raise them a LOT. We will be crushed with new taxes before the first Obama term runs out.


"I'm going to deal with this and I'll do this one more time," Gibbs said after repeated questions from reporters about the differences between the economists and Obama. "The president was clear. He made a commitment in the campaign. That commitment stands."

The conflicting statements from administration economic and political officials illustrate the problem facing Obama: how to find a politically palatable way to pay for the health insurance overhaul he insists is the cornerstone to bringing the rapidly escalating federal deficit under control.

And the mixed signals are coming out of the White House as Congress heads into its August recess and what's expected to be a month-long battle across the country over the direction and financing of the health care plans emerging in the House and Senate.