Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ok, all together now for the umpteenth time, slowly

Politicians do NOT create jobs, they buy political capital with our tax dollars. Any doubts?

This headline says it all:

Political veteran to head Dean's economic development office.

We would ALL be better off if Matt Kisber (at the State) and Alexia Poe (in Metro) got REAL jobs producing REAL goods and services which we could purchase (or not). As it is, their job is to negotiate in complete secrecy with favored businesses to give away our hard earned tax dollars. Their bosses can then claim to "create jobs," a ludicrous assertion. Hard working and innovative Tennesseans create jobs, NOT politicians.

Lets call it what it is, bribery. They are buying political capital for Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen with our money, plain and simple.