Friday, August 14, 2009

Postal carrier has driver on route because of DUI

Yes, dear friends, the same government that wants to take over our healthcare is so tied up by union rules that the Post Office must pay 4 people to drive a postal carrier on his route because he lost his license with a DUI.

Later, Post Office Customer Relations Coordinator Ron Perry told us us it all comes down to a union contract. "We have a contractual obligation to provide them, or make every effort to provide them with productive work," he said.

We asked why not give the carrier a route that he can walk without being driven at all, or give him a job inside?

"It has to be every effort to find productive work," he said, "not bump someone else in order to, again it has to be available productive work."

Perry says over the past several months, 4 employees have driven this carrier. 2 were managers who re-adjusted their schedules; 2 others were injured and couldn't deliver mail themselves. "So, whether they were driving the employee out there, or doing some other duty the cost to us was the same."