Friday, September 04, 2009

50 best blogs for Privacy Nuts

Here are the first 8:

  1. The Privacy Blog. Anonymity, online privacy, policies, surveillance, and censorship are among the topics featured on this blog.
  2. Privacy Blog. Medical record disposal, social networking privacy, and the Supreme Court’s take on privacy are recent posts here.
  3. Threat Level. This blog at touches on privacy, security, and related topics.
  4. Conspicuous Chatter. Get research and opinions on the latest topics from the fields of anonymous and covert communication, traffic analysis, and censorship resistance.
  5. Inoperability Streams. These posts include news about telecommunications, communications, and security.
  6. Privacy International. This watchdog group posts news pertaining to privacy from all around the world.
  7. Privacy Diary. Identity theft, risk management, information security, and more find their place in this blog.
  8. TRUSTe Blog. Cybercrime and self policing are among the topics on this blog.

and if you really want to be private, Google offers their Opt-Out Feature: