Thursday, September 03, 2009

HEY!! Metro Council! Over HERE, you know, we are


Large corporate elephants continue to completely dominate the convention center debate while the Metro Council ignores the public sentiment of TAXPAYERS which is clearly against this behemoth.

Gaylord, after gnawing off their pound of taxpayer flesh in the form of a taxpayer subsidized loan for their $400 million expansion, hires Tom Ingram to quietly head off the competition represented by the new convention center.

Is there no honor among corporate thieves?

Gaylord had earlier agreed with other large pro-convention center corporate thieves that they would be quiet about the new competition as long as they got their share of taxpayer blood. Now, Michael Cass reports Gaylord is having second thoughts.

Hey!! Metro Council, you are working for Metro Taxpayers, not a bunch of PR hacks and corporate parasites!!