Monday, September 07, 2009

How about a PRIVATE option?

For Social Security and Medicare?

Is Govt afraid of the competition?

Of course Government is afraid of private competition. This is why supposedly free, sovereign citizens of the United States may NOT opt out of Social Security and Medicare taxes, both are absolutely mandatory, we have NO choice, NO PRIVATE option.

Social Security and Medicare are not about a social obligation, it's just plain silly to even assert such a vacuous platitude. That implies financial soundness and a REAL sense of responsibility to be a fiduciary by Congress and the Federal Government. A social obligation implies actually caring about the future generations to whom promises were made.

Social Security and Medicare have a current combined unfunded liability of between 70 and 100 Trillion dollars. Please don't try to tell me that Congress cares about future generations, you will sound like a FOOL.

How about a private option so citizens who actually DO care about their children and grand-children can express their love in a meaningful, financially sound way.