Monday, September 07, 2009

Warrior Mind Training for US Soilders


Time: "Think military and you think macho, not meditation, but that's about to change now that the Army intends to train its 1.1 million soldiers in the art of mental toughness. The Defense Department hopes that giving soldiers tools to fend off mental stress will toughen its troops at war and at home. It's the first time mental combat is being mandated on a large scale, but a few thousand soldiers who have participated in a voluntary program called Warrior Mind Training have already gotten a taste of how strengthening the mind is way different - dare we say harder? - than pounding out the push-ups."

  • "Mind Training tools and techniques have been used by the samurai and other elite warriors for thousands of years.Warrior Mind Training teaches these skills to our U.S. Service Members to battleproof their minds. Classes are currently offered on military bases and at Veterans organizations on the East and West Coasts. The program is two-fold: Immunization / Resiliency Techniques are taught to Service Members before deployment to aid them in maintaining focus and clarity during the rigors of battle. Decompression Techniques are taught upon returning home from the frontlines to enable an effective reintegration back into family and civilian life."